Traktor Librarian

Version 2.2


TraktorLibrarian is a small utility that serves two functions:

Traktor Librarian is OSX and Windows compatible and comes in GUI and command line flavours.



GUI versions for Windows and Mac

Windows Mac
Command line script

Windows and OSX. You need to have Python installed in order to run this version.

Download from GitHub


For GUI versions, just launch the program and follow instructions.

For command line

To clean the library from duplicates

python clean
--test Do a test run without making any changes to the library

Export your music collection to VOLUME_NAME

python export VOLUME_NAME
-r Remove files from the destination not longer present in the Traktor library

Other additional options are as follows

--library [path] Path to Traktor Library directory. If not provided the default location is used
--verbose Print verbose messages to the screen


Found a bug or an issue? Please report it on GitHub


Or alternatively send me an e-mail: roman аt flowrl dоt com


Why export functionality works only OSX?

Windows version of Traktor does not support an ability to store files in a different folder than the playlist itself, which makes it impossible to create a proper playlist structure

TraktorLibrarian screwed up my library / messed up my playlists / killed my first-born etc.

Do not worry. TraktorLibrarian creates a backup of your library before making any changes. To restore a backup, look under Traktor data directory/Backup/Librarian for the latest backup, copy it to the Traktor data directory and rename it to collection.nml

Does Traktor Librarian remove physical files from the hard drive?

No, it only removes entries from the Traktor library. Physical files are untouched.

How does Traktor Librarian decide which duplicate to delete?

Duplicate detection and removal is implemented using several metrics. First of all it detects duplicates using audio signatures generated by Traktor. File names and/or ID3 tags do not matter. If a duplicate points to a non-existing file, then that duplicate is removed. If all the duplicates refer to the existing files, then it keeps the file with the most number of cue points.

Where is the Traktor data directory?

On OSX the default location is ~/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor. On Windows it is %USERPROFILE%/My Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor

How can I see what changes were made by TraktorLibrarian in the command line version?

Look in the report.log file (located in the same directory as TraktorLibrarian) for all the changes that were made to the library.

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